Introducing EFostercare Specifically, EFostercare will help you:
Welcome. EFostercare is a secure online resource for any foster care provider looking to upgrade service delivery in the foster care home. Endowed with electronic medical reports management (EHR) and other essential foster care home management tools, the EFostercare online service will improve every aspect of the foster care home by ushering in needed functional efficiencies and improved processes designed to enhance compliance, to reduce errors, and to ensure self-determination of consumers, while saving you time and improving your bottom-line.
  • Create and maintain progress notes customized to your specific needs or format
  • Create and maintain customized incident reports, fire and tornado safety drills
  • Ace CARF surveys and Agency inspections with dazzling documentations and charts
  • Manage consumers and staff efficiently
  • Communicate securely with staff
  • Take full control of your home even from your office, home, or on-the-go
  • Get reminded by alerts regarding expiring CPR, First Aid, license, training course, etc.
  • eFosterCare Features at a Glance
    REPORTS Notes
    Progress Notes Various progress notes formats to choose from.Currently all MCPN progress notes templates are fully implemented.Any provider specific needs or forms will be addressed or customized upon request.
    You can discuss your specific needs by calling 1-800-897-7078 or by emailing us at request a demo, simply fill out the demo contact form at top right of your screen.
    Incident Reports Create incident reports directly on eFosterCare and print them in the same official template you are used to seeing.
    Fire Drill Reports Document fire drills directly on eFosterCare and print them in the same official template you are used to seeing.
    Medication Sheets Track and manage medications for your residents. Print pre-formed monthly medication sheets with ease.
    Allergy Logs Maintain information about resident’s allergy that can easily be referenced and updated.
    Daily Logs Create and track notable happenings in real time. Easily keep up with activities in your home every time from anywhere.
    Van Logs Ensure safe transportation of residents. Track repairs, fill ups, and usage.
    Gas Fill Log Keep track of usage and gas expenses.
    Visitor Log Track who visits your home and keep record of the purpose of their visits.
    House Cleaning Log Monitor sanitation of the home. Ensure that resident’s rooms are not neglected.
    Snack Logs Track snack time activity. Ensure allergic concerns are observed. Identify snack time favorites upon review of documentation.
    Meal Observation Logs Ensure residents are observed during meals. Document meal time activities as training tools.
    User Logs For system integrity and security, user login is tracked automatically. You are privileged to review this record as needed.
    Schedule/Time Logs Track staff schedule and time for payroll or personnel development activities.
    Medication Sheets Print pre-formed medication sheets each new month with ease.
    Communications log Communication with your staff is easy and secure.
    eFosterCare Features at a Glance
    User Alerts You are alerted in advance of critical date expirations. No more expired CPR, First Aid, Certificates, Licenses, or annual trainings without notice.
    Email Communication with your staff is easy and secure. Internal messaging systems keep your communications private.
    CHARTS/LEGENDS Helping you understand better
    Resident Status / Census Picture representation of who is in or out in your home and why.
    Incidents Graphical representation of break-downs by type of incidents in your home.
    Home Visitors Graphical representation of who visits, frequency, and why.
  • Ensure self-determination in your processes
  • Reduce frequent copying/printing and save money
  • Save time managing less paper documents
  • Non-hand-written reports ensure accuracy
  • Find information fast and on the go from anywhere
  • Control access to sensitive medical records
  • Communicate with staff via HIPAA compliant embedded messaging system
  • Gain real insights into your operations with easy to read charts and trending reports
  • Improve employee morale by involving Technology in their duties
  • Free training for you and your entire staff

  • To subscribe to efosterCare or to schedule a live no obligation demo, please complete and send the online subscription form from the website or call 1-800-897-7078 for immediate assistance.
    No installation is required. No minimum hardware requirement. Just connect to the Internet from your PC, tablet PC or mobile device and you are ready to go.
    To Order, go to or Call: 1-800-897-7078